Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rainy Thursday

It finally rained a bit today, for which we are very greatful. Norm was glad because he didn't have to mow the yard and I was just plain happy that I didn't have to water the flowers and tomatoes. The tomatoes have not done as well as I had envisioned, although we have eaten quite a few. We just can't seem to let them stay on the vine long enough to get ripe! Girl and I LOVE Fried Green tomatoes and just can't get enough. They are especially luscious with Lulu's WOW sauce, which we get by the 6-pack every time anyone is anywhere near Gulf Shores.
I could go on about Lulu's for hours because it is the best place ever to go out and eat with kids. They have a giant sand pile with toys and such ringed by picnic tables and all fenced in with a Tiki bar, Sno-ball stand, and the back side of the restaurant - which is open so you can smell all the seafood. Makes me crazy just thinking about it! Best thing on the menu is the Crab Melt and of course, the FGT's with WOW sauce. Fried Crab claws are great too, but I haven't found too many friend things I wouldn't eat....except chicken livers. I have to draw the line somewhere.
They have awesome cocktails too if you are into that. We always have a margie or two while we wait in the sandpile for a table. Most times we have been the hour or so wait has flown by.

Here are a few LULU's pics!

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