Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cleaning woman blues

I admit it. I hate house work. I mean HATE it. Cooking and dishes I don't mind, but scrubbing floors makes me queasy. I can clean dog cages and cat boxes all day, but a dirty baseboard makes me mad. Maybe it stems from all those years scrubbing floors at my first job, I just don't know.

So far I have had my pre-cleaning nap, two glasses of fortifying iced-tea, ( notice I didn't say sweet tea, which is a whole 'nother matter), and am now checkng the e-mail to be sure I didn't miss anything during my nap. I didn't.

Guess I'll head to the kid's bathroom and begin Scrubsown defcon-4. Arrrghhhhhh!

Here's a cute picture from she not just the cutest thing?

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