Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Summer Career

This is the "official" photo from the show photographer. It isn't that different from the one that I took myself and showed you earlier, but I figured that since I didn't have anything else in the can for your viewing pleasure, y'all could suffer through just a little bit more of this.

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Of course, when this guy hits the mats again, you will definately be subjected to many heart-tugging photographic moments.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Here's A Reason to say "Awwwww!"

Little Joey was almost asleep when I went in for the nightly bedcheck. His little girl was fast asleep and he was settled in ready for the Sandman hisownself. He has such a sweet little face and those ears.....well, they just give him so much expression. So far things have gone very well for him here. It is a good think that he is secure in his doghood because he has a pink crate cover, a big luau print pillow bed with a pink blankie. I am going to shop for fabric to make him a real crate cover to use at shows with bumper pads and pillow cover to match. ( The kid is not the only one who is besotted!)

It's Monday!

Here's a little something for your Monday viewing pleasure. Last Thursday my ninja tested for his red/black belt. Of course, he is ALWAYS on the far side of the room, meaning that my photos and videos are never that great, not that they would be if he was the only one. I am definately not a photographic artist. He has come so far and does try so hard!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Sheriff if Town

There's a new sheriff in town and he is riding in a kiddie buggy at the Petco!
His name is
Joey and he was a gift to my child from a long time client/aquaintence, now friend, who has been raising and showing toy dogs for MANY years. He is a finished show champion, so he will be a nice little teacher to help the girl start her dog show career. Up until now, most show dogs would pretty much retire once they became champions, but AKC recently instituted the "Grand Champion" title as incentive for people to keep showing their champions.
So far, he has just melted into the household like he was always here. Of course, being the only male in a house full of girlie dogs has made that easier. The ladies here pretty much ignored him from the start, and because they are all spayed, they weren't of much interest to him. He is far more into his little mistress and is basking in all the attention that she is heaping on him.
Their first show together will be in July.......we can hardly wait! Grand Championship here they come!

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Time for Everything

I bought one of these yesterday.... and it is all Ree Drummond's fault! She posted a recipe for home-made tortillas on her website, and I have the feeling that I could well do it! Anyway, I have never owned any lard and I am not sure what in the world I would do with it other than make these tortillas. ( I did not buy 25 lbs either - just a small tub).

I'll post some pictures of the process and the outcome. It surely should be interesting because she said there is a certain learning curve to it!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Dog Show

My baby girl entered her first dog show this weekend, using a borrowed dog and wearing a hand me down outfit. It was a little bit of a trial on the Saturday set, but by Sunday am, we had it all sorted out. She really seemed to have a good time, even if "Dash" was a little bit apprehensive about the whole affair. We don't have a show-worthy dog of our own right now, so for the summer we will likely just beg and borrow for the local shows that we can get to, then maybe next year we MIGHT talk about a little something she can call her own. How could any judge not give it up for that smile?
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