Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Blog....

Ok, here we go again. I am honestly going to try and keep this one up....I promise. It is so hard to find a few minutes free everyday to write down a coherant thought! I had a few minutes today because it is raining and the children are occupied in their rooms, leaving me here with the dogs for a while.

This morning I painted the laundry room - a lovely light blue. The paint is actually the same exterior paint that I bought for the ceiling on the back porch. I way overbought the paint, so I just used the blue inside too. It may turn out to be a great choice because it is a slicky sort of finish and will be easy to wipe off. I now have blue paint in my hair and under my nails, but it looks so much better! I ordered some wallpaper border to match.......looking at storage units now. I have a little bit left to do behind the washer/dryer , but I may wait until Norm gets home to move it out of the way.

I'll post some "pitchers" when I get it finished!

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