Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Very Good Movie....

"A Good Year", 2006. Russell Crowe

I stumbled across this movie on HBO a while back and have watched it about 10 times since. ( It has Russell Crowe in it.) Thank goodness for DVR! I never really thought of Rusty as a comedic actor, but in this one he is really funny. He plays a very egotistical (imagine that) business guy who inherits his uncles failing vineyard in Provence. Of course, there is a girl involved ( and Russell Crowe is in it ) and a major change of character for "Max", played by Russell Crowe. . Predictable, but good. The characters of the farm wormer and his wife are really funny too. Anyway, it is worth renting. Did I mention that Russell Crowe is in it?

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