Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Clown face

Now that Mom is gonna be a clown, Girlie is going to be one too......she probably has some natural ability! She says that her clown name is going to be Little Lulu. She doesnt' know that Lil' Lulu was a cartoon character from a LONG time ago. Guess she will need a sausage curl wig and a red beret. Right now, her costume consists of a blue and white polkadot dress with red trim and red leggings. I am thinking some yellow crocs and red/white striped socks , white gloves and a yellow wig. I bid on a jumpsuit for her on ebay, but we won't know until tonight if we won or not. The boy-child won't succumb to our pleading for him to be a clown too. I am sure he is feeling like he will be a Star Wars character or a ninja. Daddy-O has not divulged what he is going to be....or maybe he just hasn't given it any thought.

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