Monday, September 22, 2008

First try

Here's my first attempt at white face. I did it pretty quick, because the people were temporarily occupied with some blow pops and I only had a few minutes before they were going to ask to horn in on my action. The girl was my photographer, so I apologize for not having taught her to hold the camera still.
I think I did ok...maybe a little heavy handed with the rouge, but it was so pretty I just kept going with it. It is actually a little shimmery and quite hypnotic. The only thing I didn't put on were the false eyelashes. I didn't want to risk messing them up.
The shock value of the faces is wearing off on the kids. I walked in Porkchop's room as soon as I finished putting it on and he looked straight at me and said , "Mom, tell her to get out of my room." No laugh...not even a smile. I guess they are just used to it.
I just finished putting dinner together with the face still on. Seems a shame to take it off so soon since I just put it on. I guess I'll keep it on until Daddy gets home and see what he thinks.
Next post will be about the chicken legs.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Okay- you wanta a little critiquea- the white looks great! For some reason I want the mouth to be the same color as the beeyoutifull rouge & I think you need a blue star somewhere. I think I needs some of that white for my dark circles too. ;)