Monday, September 22, 2008

One step closer!!!

So far today I haven't accomplished much except to get the children off to school, wash the dog beds, take a shower and drive into "big town" and get my clowning makeup. It was SO FUN to shop for it. The lady showed me all kinds of stuff andhow to use it. They didn't have any noses small enough for me, so I guess I will have to paint one on this weekend , then order a ProNose for the next event. I really enjoyed the shopping for the stuff. I got it in jumbo sizes so I'd have enough to share if anyone decides to clown with me.
Now I am back home at the foot of Mount Washmore, having a sandwich and a Coke Zero. I have about 5 more loads to do and clean bird and hamster cages. Then off to collect the youngsters from school. It is going to be a great night because:
1. we are going to do makeup
2. we find out who shot Horatio. I know he isn't dead because the name of ep is "Resurrection."
3. We are having Pioneer Woman's roasted chicken legs for dinner.
Oh, and Hello to Sarah's cousin from Illinois. I didn't know that real people read this fact, I thought NO ONE was reading it because NO ONE leaves comments. BTW- if you are reading Pioneer Woman, be sure to scan her archives for posts about her retarded brother, Mike. They are hysterical!!!!!

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