Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Verdict

The verdict is in on the sugar-free pumpkin pie. Yes! It is good and we can make it again.
That straight from the man of the house. Of course, I have to say, his palate is not THAT discerning. He will eat most anything that doesn't contain squash. ( He doesn't know that a pumpkin is actually a squash/gourd kind of thing. )
In my opinion, this is a pretty good substitute for "real" pumpkin pie. The texture is a little less smooth, and it is not as dense as the sugar version, but the flavor is pretty much the same. I tasted it first without the whipper cream, and I could tell it was sugar-free, but not bad even so. With the sugar free cream, it was much better. The color is not as orangy brown as the pie I usually make. Not sure why that is since the only thing different is the splenda.
Overall, I think I will surely make this again, but I can see it staying in the fridge longer than a "regular one".
Oops...gotta is eating some sunglasses!

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