Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My apologies

Ok, so sorry no new posts yesterday. Bindi "The Destroyer" ate my memory card and I was camera-less until I went to Wal-Mart last night. That was the 3rd one she has chewed up. You would think I would learn NOT to leave them on the end-table, but if I leave it for a split second, she will snatch it and run out the dog door. She doesn't look remorseful at all, does she?

Here is the lovely and talented Allie, practicing her circus dog moves. She can already walk about 3 feet on her back legs and twirl once. We are working on "turn" and "hop". She is smart as a whip and really food motivated, so she ought to be able to learn quick. I've only had one really great trick dog and I spent a LOT of time fooling with him. Maybe Al will be the next great one.

In other canine news, Winn Dixie is due to pop this week. As you can see, she is quite ripe. There should be 5 babies, assuming all survive. I can't wait to see what colors we get since the dad is a white/black longhair. They will probably have short hair, but the colors could be anything. We have the nursery set up again right beside the bed. I guess I will spend the next month sitting on the bed looking at them. I gotta make a box for them today at work so they will have a little nursery there too, since WD is a "working mom."

Have a great day!

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