Thursday, September 4, 2008


Can't tell if this day is going to be a good one or not. I thought I had another full container of coffee in the pantry, but when I got it out, it was about 1/4 the way full...and it is some unidentified flavored stuff that I kept "in case of an emergency." Well, I guess this is the emergency day since I don't have any other source right now. It smells ok, I just can't identify the flavor that it is. Oh well.....going to the grocery today anyway. I'll survive. Maybe.

It's raining again, so guess we will have to use the umbrella to go to the bus. Girlie gets really excited about the unbrella. Porkchop has a doctor's appointment today at 11:30, so he is still asleep. He is just going to hang with me today and we will do errands and whatever chores I can suck it up to do. He has 15 pages of work to do since he is missing school, so we will slog through that too.
I just HATE housework. Really. I'd rather clean dog poop all day than have to dust. I already put the dog blankets in the washer, so at least that is one thing I have started. One of these days I am going to find someone who will do this for me.
I slacked and gave Girlie money to get a tray at school today - and I didn't make DaddyO any lunch either. She had warmed up Fried Rice for breakfast -leftovers from work yesterday. We had our monthly staff meeting and there was a TON of stuff leftover. I made "the brownies" and
there were about 5 big catering trays of various chinese stuff. I had a veggie salad from Subway. Chinese stuff like that is full of sugary sauce , not to mention rice and other unidentifyable stuff that I shouldn't eat. Oh well.....that is just how it is.
Off to the bus!

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