Friday, September 5, 2008

Saturday night

Not much going on at our hizzy tonight......I'm watching Butch and Sundance for the eleventy-dozenth time and the kids are doing whatever they do in their rooms. Daddy-O has a pooky stomach, so he is holed up in the bedroom watching a Mythbuster marathon.
Today was the kindergarden's "Teddy Bear Picnic" at school today, so I left work at lunch time and attended the festivities. I'm glad I did because Girlie was sure looking for me....I got there a few minutes after the kids came in , so she thought I wasn't going to make it. After the "picnic" was over, we came home and I cleaned the bathrooms and did some more laundry. Then Princess Cranky reared her ugly little attitude and we had to take a nap so that she would disappear again. The "I don't need a nap" turned into a 2 hour snooze-fest, then she woke up smiling. I know how she feels. Sometimes, I just needs a nap too.

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