Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can I do it? Yes I can! ( But I really need to practice!)

Here is my new dachshund dog, "Gimpy". Note the foreshortened right front leg.

I almost didn't put up the rear view. ( Don't start, you filthy- minded people)

Ta-Da!!!! The finsihed product. Actually, he has a little tail fatness issue. Here, I'll fix it.

Ok, now he is a Poo-weenie.
Ok, now that the demonstration is over, I'll go to the discussion. I had to go to the store anyway for some stuff, so I decided to check out the party goods. They had the balloons, so I figured that since I was going to be here doing laundry until time to go to dance, why not teach myself to twist balloons? Why not? Ok, I could have been doing other productive things, but why? We are not having any company in the next couple of days, so the house can wait.


Lisa said...

Ha! the tail looks like a corndog. Guess I'll name him "Pronto Pup"

Sarah said...

Poo-weenie, that's good! :) My fave is still the puggle.