Sunday, September 28, 2008

And the winner is.................


She will be gifted with a hand delivered tray of goodies from The Big Top Bakery ( aka my kitchen) at some point in the very near future. ThatKat will need to email me privately and let me know what days she works, etc. I will deliver the goods and I promise it won't be diet or low carb or contain any meat. I sure hope she will do butter, because I can't do much without butter!

The names were written in crayon on some old business cards and put into an old Easter basket and then the winner was selected by my able and eager assistant, Coco. I have pictures of the drawing taking place, but there is trouble afoot with my camera card and I will have to work on that and post them later!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all of you who braved the cyber world in order to enter. The rest of you will just have to see pics of ThatKat and her co-workers chowing down. Betya enter the next one after you see that!!!!!

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Kathleen L. said...

SHUT UP!!!! I never win anything and I won FOOD! Oh, and my comment didn't go through about the diabetic thing. I had forgotten that you were diabetic so you can fix it low carb/sugar free/whatever. I promise. I don't want you to fix something you can't eat. That would be torture.

E-mailing you now....