Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sorry - no new pictures today.

I apologize. No new pictures because I didn't stop to get new batteries on the way home because I was listening to talk radio and completely got wrapped up in it and just forgot to stop. You'll just have to be content with an older one for today. Here ya go.

Ain't she sweet? I had embroidered her nickname on the back of that jacket with my own two hands. And appliqued a big poodle on it. She wore it for two years and now it hangs in the closet, outgrown. They do that don't they?

In other news, I came home and made another sugar-free pumpkin pie tonight while the rest of the family was at church. It was my intention to go to church as well, but by the time I got the dogs in the house and the puppies in the pen and did all the lettin' out and cleanin' up, I just stayed here.
Me being me, I had to change the pie a little this time. I added 1 tablespoon of molasses to it ( only 15 g carb added to the whole pie) to give it some color and a bit more body. It is cooling now, so I can't vouch for the flavor change, but it looks and smells marvelous. You know, this pie is pretty forgiving. As long as you get two eggs in it, it will set up fine. I don't even know how much pie spice went in this time because I was shaking it through the little hole onto a spoon over the bowl and the big hole popped open and it dumped in. I just stirred it in. Oh well......the big guy will try it first and if he don't die, I guess it will be fine.
Tomorrow my plans include the same stuff as always - cleaning and washing. I had big daddy go to the store after church and get me some essentials, namely cat litter ( desperate times there) and detergent. I already had to do the kitty boxes because it was near the red zone, but the laundry is just going to have to wait til tomorrow.

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