Friday, September 26, 2008

Good News, and Bad News.....

First the GOOD news. BigDaddy got a part time teaching position with Belhaven College. One night a week, 8 week terms. The money is good and it really isn't a big inconvenience to the family child-hauling schedule.
Now, the BAD news. He has to enroll in a course towards his PhD to be able to teach it. To make matters worse, he is going to have to do it at OL' Miss!
I don't personally know of any blood relative of mine who went to Ol' Miss. If I ever did know of one, I probably blocked the memory out. I have a Christmas ornament with Bully choking Col Reb. Kroger had some 9 foot tall inflatable Colonel's for sale -I sure hope "the student" doesn't decide to go insane and buy one.
Somehow I will get over this. It may require some retail therapy. Maybe some shoes?????

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