Saturday, September 20, 2008

Product review -

Today at work, one of the "kids" was talking about how she used to eat a theater box of Milk Duds for breakfast every morning and about how much she loves Mild Duds and about how Milk Duds make everything better in her world. She should be in marketing because by the time she was finished talking, I NEEDED some Milk Duds. Now, we all know that Milk Duds do not fit into my life plan, so don't even jump to the conclusion that I ran out and pigged out on them and this is my confession.
Actually, I went to Walgreen's to get some Coffee Mate because I was out of half-n-half and canned milk, and I had entered PW's contest to win an espresso maker. The whole process of writing the entry made me need some really creamy coffee, so I had to go on an emergency run.
I found the Russell Stover Sugar-free Caramel drops ( milk duds) when I was looking for some safety suckers for the Praise Fest.
They taste ok, not really chewy like a real milk dud, but passable. It did the trick for me. The serving size is 7 balls with a net carb per serving of 1. The total carb is 24, but 3 are fiber and 20 are from sugar alcohols. The sugar alcohols are really slowly metabolized, so they really don't increase blood sugar noticably for MOST people. So, 24- 3-20 = 1. The down side of sugar alcohols is that in some people they have a laxative effect ( yeah!) which might not be a welcome thing if you eat them on the way to church. If I were a first time consumer, I think I would have them as a special treat on an evening when I knew I had no plans.
They are on sale at Walgreen's 2/$3.00 right now, so go getusome.

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