Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yeah! It's Saturday!

Or more specifically, the LAST Saturday of the month, which is cause for celebration because the clinic is CLOSED and I get to hang out at home with the family all morning. Unfortunately, Australian shepherds operate on a different time schedule that the rest of us and I had to get up at the regular time. I really don't mind though, because it gives me time to sit and drink my coffee ( you don't want to experience me without that) and read or whatever. Today I am drinking coffee with a nest of chihuahuas sitting under the laptop. I think they like it because it is warm.
Today we have just a few things on the docket. First we have to go pack up boxes at Angel Food, then we have to go to Tae Kwan Do, then we need to make a trip to the dreaded Wal-Mart to get some sweats for the chirren. I have been going through their winter clothes and found that they need some new knockarounds. They get so nasty playing at school and at the Y, I just send them there in jeans and sweatshirts. That way, if they get paint or dirt or whatever on their clothes, it is no big loss. I know a lady who makes fancy hair bows, so we'll be dressing up some plainer outfits with those.
I'm still working on the crustless, sugar-free pumpkin stuff for those interested. I made one night before last and it is still not perfect, but it is good enough that I am going to go ahead and eat it instead of tossing it. I will likely be making another one middle of next week with a few changes, so if it turns out, we'll have the final recipe soon.
Later, Swee'taters!

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