Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wii TV

I sent Daddy and the boy child to Best Buy today to get a publishing program that I have been wanting and they came back with sheepish grins on their faces saying how much fun they had playing Guitar Hero in the store. Ok, so we already have that in the closet for Christmas, so no problem.
Then Dad made the play ...." you know, we are really going to need a bigger TV for them to play the wii on. " I said, "ok." Within an hour, he was gone with the girl back to Best Buy to take advantage of "The Economy is in the Crapper" sale.
So, now I am in NASCAR hell. Tomorrow it will be pro-football hell. Not only is the picture and color enhanced, the SOUNDS are bigger too. I am thinking about calling the sleep number store and buying him a bed to put in here because I am not sure he will ever leave this room.

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