Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chore Day

When is it NOT chore day? Today I have got to get some things done around here. I already have done dishes and put the dog blankets in the washer and cleaned the kitty litter and shut the doors to the kids rooms. They can handle their own messes tonight while I watch the debate.
Yesterday, our office manager tested the H20 steam mop on the floor at work to see if it would clean the grout like it claims. No go. It did help some, but not nearly like you would think for what it costs. Another infomercial illusion shattered. Guess I won't get one of those, although it did sound like a good idea.
My overall plan for today is to try and get the FRONT of the house done. I have to move my computer table out of the dining room and set up the sewing machine because I have to make some ruffles for a clown costume and if I don't start it sometime I will NEVER get it done.
I rummaged in some old clothes last night and found some print material I can use. I also gotta make a "Little Miss Muffett" style hat for Coco's second clown costume. That ought to be prety easy, actually. It is really just an oversized beret with a pompom on top and ruffle around the edge. Hers might actually have two ruffles though. Guess we'll see!
Ok, so now I'm off to do the floors. Wish me luck! ( Oh, by the way, I have no idea who that guy is, but he looked funny, so I put him on here. )

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