Monday, October 13, 2008

Missions accomplished.

Today I had big plans to get a lot of stuff done on these two days off, and I think I put a BIG dent in it today.

Here's what we did:
1. Cleaned kids rooms
2. Cleaned bird poop off wall and window ( don't say it)
3. Moved pie safe
4. swept and mopped family room and moved furniture around ( again)
5. cleaned up junk on back porch and swept.
6. Moved outdoor table and chairs onto porch
7. Pulled all the grass and weeds up out of the patio ( Coco did most of this)
8. 5 loads of laundry - stripped the beds ( yeah!)
9. went to target for an Obiwan Kenobi outfit.
10. Made spaghetti - from scratch y'all.

Now tomorrow I have to go to a birthday party, but I am gonna try to finish the laundry and get the bathrooms done. I think we can get it all done!

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