Thursday, October 2, 2008

There is justice!

I was just standing out on the porch admiring my fall tomato crop and wondering why they have "all of a sudden" decided to start really putting on fruit when all summer they have struggled to the point of death. I had sprayed and watered and carried on over them til I was sick of it, and finally just gave them up to do as they would. Well, now I know why they are doing so much better.
Just take a look at this sad tomato worm. Those white things on him are WASP eggs! The wasp lays eggs on the tomato worm and when they hatch, the wasp larvae eat the worm! There are two on them in that picture and those are the only two I found. They live a few days with the eggs on them, but they don't move. They just stay in one place. I just took these pictures this am, but those two worms have been right there just like that for two days now. And the tomatoes are popping out all over. I have not given them water and it hasn't rained in over two weeks, so I know it isn't "good care" that has helped them. OF course, it not being 100 degrees has helped. All I know, is that I'll have to watch the weather and before the first frost, pull all the green ones and we'll have a big fried green tomato dinner! ( good thing I can make WOW sauce!)

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