Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Reading!

We have started reading the Harry Potter books every night at bedtime. It is so surprising to me that a boy so resistant to being read to ( at first) is the one begging me to read every night now. Of course, we have to read in as many different voices as I can, and have frequent interruptions for the listeners to expound on " that is not how it was in the movie." I like it when they do that because it proves to me that they are listening to the reading.

The chapters are long, so we get about one chapter a night. Hopefully, we will be able to read them all eventually. I want to read them the "Little House " books too, but Barnes and Noble didn't have any of them when I was there. I remember reading those as a kid and I really loved them. I also have a copy of Black Beauty that I have had ever since I can remember that I may read to them too. I do so hope that once they are able to really read big books by themselves that they will really love reading like I do.

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