Friday, October 31, 2008

Open House

Last night, we attended the Open House at school. It actually was held so that parents and grandparents had to attend a book fair, but that is cool since the chirrens here have decided that reading is indeed, FUN-damental.

Here the dancing clown takes advantage of some open floor to demonstrate her moves. We were still in dance gear because we had just left dance lessons when we went to school. The girl has a tight schedule these days. Call her for an appointment if you want an audience with her so she can get you in her planner. It really is almost that bad.

We are really lucky that these guys get along so well. For the most part, they are the best of playmates, although that can backfire when they get in "cahoots" about something.

Papa dropped in for the open house. I was so glad that he did, because both teachers bragged on the chitlin's and it makes me proud to hear someone else say such good things about them.

Now, tonight we will have the big fun.............Obi Wan and Coco DeClown are getting fired up for a big night of Trick or Treating. I am not sure if Tutti Frooti is going to come out tonight or not...just depends on how much I can get done between the time I get off and the time we have to start everything.

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