Sunday, October 19, 2008

*<:O) Sunday (O:>*

Here are a few of the lovely pumpkins the kids decorated for the pumpkin contest. Do you think they had a little help? Below, Coco D'Clown is refueling with a tootsie roll. She does dearly love a good toosie roll. Or anything else that is chocolate.

Today is starting our one is up except me and the dogs and we have been out, got cold and hurried back inside. Hopefully they will sleep a bit later this morning since we had such a long day yesterday. The children had eaten so much candy and junk that they were really wired until about 9:30, then it got mysteriously quiet in the back of the house and I went to investigate ( that eerie quiet usually means they are into something) and found them both sound asleep. Yeah! No fight to get them to bed. I did have to pick the little one up off the floor and haul her into her own room, but that was fine. She isn't too heavy for me yet.

Later this morning I am meeting some clowns to go to the Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk. I think it should be a lot of fun, except for the fact it is 46 degrees right now. Hopefully we won't get cold and it won't be too windy. There is going to be a lot of stuff going on, so I will try to get some pictures, but I can't promise anything because those tattoos are time consuming!

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