Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where there's smoke........

.......there are people standing around drooling. At least in this case, there were three people sitting at the table with forks in their hands.

My plan was to have a nice dinner tonight with steaks on the grill cooking while the well behaved children played in the yard with the dogs who never bark. Ok, well.....the grill was out of gas, the kids were not so well-behaved and the dogs had to be locked in their crates because they were acting idiotic about the neighbor kids on the trampoline.

I had to do the steaks on the grill pan, and I must say, they turned out quite well. Some day, if I ever get my new stove with the built in really big grillet in the middle, I might be able to do them to rival the grill. Just look at that pitiful little electril coil stove.

Here's the one I want.....maybe if all y'all send me 1.00 a week for 10 years I might be able to get it. Actually, it is only 1300.00. Maybe we can go get it with the change in the butter churn. I digress......back to the steak.

It turned out really good, so do it that way sometime. Just be sure and disable your smoke detectors while you are cooking it because it WILL smoke. Also, be sure to grease your grill pan really well with something so it won't be all sticky. And for pete's sake -


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