Monday, October 13, 2008

Equal time for Poopie

Since Bob gets a lot of exposure here, Poopie thought she deserved a post all her own. Here she is at 3 weeks of age. She was alternately constipated and squirting diarrhea the whole time she was a baby, hence her embarrassingly descriptive name. Thank goodness she outgrew all that!

Here we are at about 5 weeks. She looks a little disturbed. Maybe it is the grip I have her in. It is hard to hold something squirming in one hand and shoot a picture with the other.

Here she is relaxing in bed after breakfast. I think she was about 7 weeks here.

This was this very morning. Her favorite place to observe the morning routine is from the bathroom windowsill. Please don't notice the dirty window, or the pool chemicals sitting on the outside. I promise, I'll get them in today.

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