Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday's TV Lineup

Well, nothing interesting happened today except house chores and some pretty boring cooking. I made pumpkin pies ( sugar kind), chicken/peppers/brown rice casserole ( recipe someday soon) and Low-Fat Creamed Spinach. Everyone has eaten and the dishes are done and it is only 6:50. I had to get it all done early tonight because Thursday is "Mom's TV night." I have been a Thursday night couch potato ever since the year that Chicago Hope and ER started.

Anyway, tonight I'll be watching:

I'm not really all that stoked about Survivor anymore - it was great the first 4-5 times, now not so much, but we still watch it.

Watching CSI these days is like watching your favorite dog waste away with some dread disease. We know that Warrick is going to die and that Grissom is leaving and Lawrence Fishburne is coming on as a wacko who replaces him. ( sorry if you didn't know that stuff- didn't mean to spoil it for you) . I say now that I am not going to watch after Gil is gone, but I know I will because there are supposed to be some contract-fulfilling guest appearances. Like all good series, when they change it too much, it dies- I figure it will have one more season.

Then, we have another dying dog, ER. Last week they killed Greg off in a freakish way, I'm not sure what happens this week, but I know that soon Abbey will be giving her notice. Luca is already gone and the let Ray get his legs cut off last season, ending the Neela-Ray arc. Maybe she will get involved with Dubanko or something interesting.
I need to get a life, huh?

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Daigo Momma said...

All the good shows are going to crap! I hope someone comes up with something new soon. So far Gary Unmarried is all I have liked. I want a good one hour drama though!