Monday, October 6, 2008

Can you see the flounder?

A`Song about Flounder
( sung to the tune of that hee haw song)

Where oh where are you flounder?

Why are you not right here on my plate?

I've searched in my freezer and thought that I saw you,

But it was tilapia , so that was my fate.

Ok, so that was a song I composed to lament that I am once again eating tilapia for dinner while dreaming of a flounder that was SUPPOSED to be brought to me. Someone who shall remain nameless ( lauren) said she would bring me some that her husband caught in GULF SHORES, but so far, no go. I will probably have time to go down there and catch them myself before she goes and gets them for me. I could eat a BIG one tonight because I am really really really craving it. I am pitiful. Feel sorry for me.

( you think that is sad enough that she will bring me the dang fish?)

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