Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday am

Just a few pictures from this morning.....we had to make a birthday card for our teacher- 15 minutes before the bus came. I don't know why no one alerted me to the fact that it was teacher's birthday and that we needed to make a card, not to mention that we needed to get a Starbuck's card ( or similar) as a gift. Oh well..........

Bob was observing from on high . He is a big lug-head, but you can bet that wherever his girl is, he is close by. Gotta love him for that if for nothing else.

After the little punksters got on the bus, I went vet visiting. Now I am back home and have had a little sandwich and am trying to decide whether to just start another load of laundry and the dishwasher then take a nap, OR to go out and start weeding the flower bed. ( you know that the flower bed is going to lose. I should just call it the "weed bed")

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