Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Earlier every year.....

I figured that since Walgreen's has already got Halloween stuff out, that I would go ahead and put mine out too.......I put Last year's punkin head on the banner ( look up) and here are a few pictures of the lil'uns from last year. This year Girlie is going to be a belly dancer ( I have no idea where she gets that from) and Porkchop is not yet committed, but I am thinking he may go with some thing like a Tai Kwan Do guy. He was a Ninja last year, but as he explains it, that is not the same as Tai Kwan Do.

This crazy thang is one of the "used to be" techs from Kirby Gate/Southwind who now is a bus driver for the county schools. Would you trust your children to the "Great Pumpkin"?

I think I am going to be a clown again. I still have my red union suit!

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Kathleen L. said...

Holy crap! I had wondered what happened to Heather and now I know. She turned into a pumpkin and drives a school bus.