Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuff we made today.......

I decided to try out a couple more of PW's recipes today, so here are the pictures of what we made. First, we did her "Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs". They turned out great, although I think next time I would add a little more salt. The recipe called for "Morton's Hot Salt", which we couldn't find, so I used some Cholula seasoning, which isn't particularly salty. Note the beautiful shining surface of the "grillet". It is practically smiling.

These are the scrumptious "Apple Dumplings" that are made with crescent rolls, apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and ( of all things) Mountain Dew. No, I didn't eat any, but I sure wish I could. In fact, the kids wouldn't eat them because they had ice cream on their minds, so DaddyO
was the only one to try them. He was smacking away, so I guess it was good. The only substitution I made was apple pie spice for the cinnamon, but it might not make that much difference.
In other news, I bought gas today for $3.34/gallon at Kroger. The shameful thing about that is that I was glad to get it at that outrageous price. This is the first time it has been less than a gallon of milk in a long time.
Y'all make those dumplin's in your pancreas is agreeable. They might change your life, and your pants size!

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Susan said...

I just had these dumplings at a potluck tonight. Went straight to the internet for the recipe. And I am a snob about baked goods. Great recipe for any arsenal.