Saturday, August 16, 2008

Farmers Market and Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

I made the "Smitten Kitchen " slow roasted tomatoes today and they are just as described......absolutely delicious! I am not sure that there will be any left for a tasting Monday
at work because I am making a basil chicken thing tomorrow and I will likely put some in that and my Girlie has been snitching them from the fridge and eating them on the fly.

After work today, Girlie and I went to the farmer's market because we wanted some good tomatoes and she specifically asked me to get her a "baby watermelon".
We bought a quart of cherry tomatoes, which we roasted, and a quart of plum tomatoes and a half dozen big red ones and a few big green ones. Some big heads of garlic went in the bucket too. The girl got a "sugar baby" melon - hopefully they will eat it. I could have bought a truckload of stuff there, but I didn't because everytime I buy a lot of it, I don't cook it fast enough and it spoils. I do plan on getting some more tomatoes when we go to the big market downtown in a couple of weeks. I am thinking we will freeze some and make a big tub of salsa. Ole!

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