Saturday, August 30, 2008

Farmer's Market - Saturday

I am so thankful that we are closed one Saturday a month. So many things happen on Saturday morning that those of us who have to be at work just miss out on. We made a tremendous haul of tomatoes ( green and red), turnip greens ( child wanted them- she is strange), squash, peas, and a BUNCH of pears. I have already sorted and cleaned the greens and popped them in a pot to cook for supper. The peas are called "Wild Goose" and look interesting. They are purple and green spotted, but I figure they will lose that when cooked. We are gonna have those tonight too.

That handsome baby is probably going to have to come live with us because his mom won't feed him anything but watermelon in one of those mesh paci things. Can't you see how skinny and wasted he is. I heard him tell Girlie that he really wanted some ribs to gnaw on. Poor thing.

Now off to make some pear preserves. But first, one last picture........ I even do it at home , y'all.
How sad is that?

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Katt said...

Ok, the last pic is just sad. You have been trained well!