Saturday, August 23, 2008

PW's Chocolate Pie

( If you are diabetic, take a pill or a shot now before you even LOOK at this pie.

I made Ree's Chocolate Pie this afternoon, and I think it may be the best I have ever made. I have NEVER made one that could actually be cut with a knife and removed from the pan without it oozing all over the place. It is really sort of a mousse, not the kind with the cooked custard filling. You do definately have to have a stand mixer to do it , because it whips for 20 minutes and I think you would burn up a little hand mixer running it that long.

Just look at the height of that mousse and the sharpness of the "cut". Ok, the crust pulled away a little, but it was a store bought crust because I didn't have any shortening and I had the crust in the freezer. The whipped cream was from a can , too. If I was making this for a dinner where I knew it would all get eaten at one time, I'd probably make real whipped cream.

Too bad I can't eat it. If YOU are one of those people who CAN eat this stuff....I would recommend making this one. You will be a hero.

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