Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whew! This is the second week of the Disciple Bible study, and I have got to say that it is challenging at the least. I haven't studied anything this much since college. Each week there are 6 daily lessons, then there is the class on Sundays. At this point, I am scrambling to get the dailies done, sometimes two at a time. It takes a lot of concentration, so I have to wait until everyone is asleep to even think about it. There is a lot of flipping back and forth, so I got smart and used Bible Gateway to PRINT off everything I needed the first day of the week, so now it is right there without having to turn those flimsy pages so much.
The course lasts 33 weeks, and should cover 80 percent of the Bible. That is a big commitment, but so far, I'm there!

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