Monday, January 19, 2009

Hair Experiment and other Sundries

In case you ever wanted to know, I think all the Loreal hair colors , no matter what their "level" , use the same basic color codes on all the different products. The 6.99 product in color 9A will give about the same color as the 14.99 product in 9A. I did not call the haircolor hotline, but tested the theory out on my own hair. A risky endeavor, I know, but I just couldn't see spending twice as much if the lower price stuff would work the same. IF hair experiments don't work, one can always just cut it or re-color. I 'm a daredevil when it comes to home hair changes.

The only difference I could tell in the high vs lower was actually in the packaging, and the 14.99 stuff has a little tube of "shine creme" in it. I got a ton of hair cremes and lotion potions, so I didn't miss the shine creme in the least. The end result was as good as it ever is, in fact, the color may be a little less "reddish" and more "beige", which is what I like.
I color about every 5-6 weeks because now that I straighten the curl out, the roots show a lot more. I used to only do it about every 3 months, but then I was getting regular trims ( or cutting it myself) and had kinky curls. I have so much grey now in the front that it sorta looks like I have streaks when you get up close. I like it, although with it all one length and fairly blonde it looks a little like Eric Northman's hair. ( ha, Sarah)
Other than the hair experiment, we didn't do a lot today other than make a trip to Costco, which is always exciting. The children are always giddy with anticipation about what the sample ladies will be handing out. Since it was Monday morning, the pickin's were slim. I think they tried some pizza rolls and some pretzel chips. We actually went to get a hard drive and some school snacks, but ended up with tilapia, pork chops, Blue mountain coffee beans ( yay!) , and some other various items that were NOT on the list. I cooked tilapia and broccoli and brown rice for dinner - of course the boy wouldn't eat any of that stuff, so he had to have his standard pasta and meat balls in tomato sauce.

Tomorrow is the 100th day of school, and to "celebrate", the first graders had to make a poster with 100 objects on it. Parents were able to we made a snowman poster using 100 cotton balls. It was the simplest thing I could think of, but the result was pretty good . Hopefully we will get it to school in one piece.

Gumbo and Boudain have started courting some.....guess it is due to the increase in daylight hours. So far no eggs, but I suppose if she does start to lay, I'll have to give them a nest box because if not, she will just lay eggs until she gets calcium depleted. At least with a box she'll lay 5-6 eggs then stop for a while. If she does lay, and there are hatchlings, there will be babies for adoption. Get your cage ready!

Have a great inauguration day!

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