Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Say a Little Prayer.......

Please say a little prayer for Lulu today if you have a minute. She jumped out of my hands about 18 inches from the floor as I was setting her down and broke her left radius and ulna. Now normally, I wouldn't be too worried about it if it were someone else's dog, but this one, well.... she is pretty special. It was pouring down rain outside, so I was going to get her just potty in the kennel, so I took her back there and leaned down to sit her on the floor and she just bounced out of my hand. I guess it was just the angle that she hit the floor because I heard it pop. Of course, I jerked her up and pulled it out straight immediately, then took x-rays and got a splint on it. It is not perfectly lined up, but hopefully it will heal with just the splint. Just not a lot of material to work with in those little baby legs. I guess if it doesn't look like it is healing in a couple of weeks, we'll go see the ortho guy. I called him yesterday and he said to just get it as close as I could and get a good splint on it and it would likely be fine. I can hear myself telling pet parents the same thing, but it is different when it is my own.
Just think about her today........she is so incredibly sweet, and I am afraid will be way way more spoiled by the time this is all over.

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