Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was up WAY early this am the dogs woke up when the other parental unit left for the Y at 4:40 am. I was standing outside in the 21 degree cold with the dogs and I think I finally saw the Pleiades, " The Seven Sisters". I have been looking for them every night since they were mentioned in my Bible study last week. It has been so cloudy that it wasn't visible, and I think I really saw it just now. Of course, I am no astromomer, so I may not have seen it at all, but I prefer to think I did. Basically, what I saw was a bright cluster near Venus. I will have to continue this star study during our many trips to the yard. ( I did not take the was made with some telescopic camera thingie by some techno geek..... I just fished around on Google for it)

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