Monday, January 5, 2009

"Not what I expected" by Allie

" Tuhday ah got me sumpthin I waddn't reeely esspektin. It wuz a gud day 2 start, then the mudder persin tole the nuther gurl at the qwinik to "get her ready." They sticked me wif sum needlz and then b4 ah knew it, ah wuz wakin up frum a "spade". Ah guess it is sumpthin all us'ins dawgs has to git, but ah sure dint want one. Now ah am in my bed, eatin sum chikin. That is not sucha grate consulatin prize. Oh leest now it is over! Ah will feel better tahmarah. Luv, Allie "

We had a slow day today, so Allie did indeed get her spay. I have been trying to get it done for weeks, and today seemed as good as any. Now as soon as these other little snappers get old enough we will do them too.

Other than the spay, today was pretty uneventful. The children people went to holiday camp a the Y since school doesn't start until tomorrow. It is really nasty outside tonight - freezing rain and sleet. I hate it. Hopefully it won't hang around and will be clear by school time. Everyone is tired and I am praying they will go to bed willingly and fall asleep fast because I have a BUNCH of reading to do!

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