Thursday, January 22, 2009

Morning Quest

Not to gross anyone out or anything, but I spent part of my morning on my precious day off collecting poop samples. One of our nurses at work is doing a veterinary technology course and she needed to learn to read fecals from various barnyard species, so we had to aquire some "samples". I have a hookup with the closest "mixed animal practice/petting zoo/animal retirement home", so after dropping the kids off at school with the 49 cupcakes we made last night, I trekked down there to go on a poop quest.

I got plenty of samples: goat, sheep, horse, miniature horse, calf, and very large ( and grumpy) steaming Bull poop. Good thing the handsome and able cowboy was present to distract the bull whilst the sample was scooped.

Anyway, it was relatively warm ( about 50 degrees) and brightly sunny, making the outing enjoyable. Seeing friends and collecting poop......a very good thing.

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