Friday, January 9, 2009

I just tossed the last of the WOW! sauce

I was just cleaning out the refrigerator and way in the back I found a little bit of Lulu's WOW sauce just sitting there....leftover from the last trip to the coast. It made me sad to just throw it away, but it was separated and yuckity, so it had to go. I'm thinking I may make a batch of my own this year since I have the recipe. Then I got to lookin at pictures from various Lulu's visits. Here are a couple for ya.

Lulu's sandbox......summer 2007. Sweet little babies, playing nice in the sand with the toys and while we were waiting to be seated for dinner.
Lulu's sandbox again....summer 2008. One year later, bigger kids doing the same thing.
I was just thinking that if we are going to Florida in March, then we will be going in the general direction of "L.A." ( that would be Lower Alabama, for you Yankee readers), so there might be the opportunity to stop at Lulu's. Of course, I'd go way out of my way to go there, don't really need a reason.

Ok, this is not a picture of my kids, but of the one of the many reasons I LOVE lulu's so much.
I thought back in September that I would likely never want another fried green tomato in my lifetime since we had them nearly every day all summer, but here I am, in cold and wet January, wishing for just a few slices to have with the last of the WOW! sauce. FGT with WOW and a Crab Melt . Can we leave tomorrow?

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