Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Finale!

The holiday season of visiting, gifts, and cooking, and eating is officially over. Yesterday we made the final celebration trip down South and visited with that leg of the family. We had a lovely time and all the children received a ton of gifts. I think every one of them was quite surprised by some of their gifts.
Here is the little ballerina's haul. She had to get it all out and take an official inventory before she went to bed at 11:45. Now it is 8:45 am and she is already up and working in her room arranging all her "stuff".

We now have the much coveted "Bakugan" balls. Also, we have a launcher and battle arena and a ton of the cards and little figures. I am not sure how all these things work together, but at least now we have them and our young man can rest now. He has been in overdrive about these things for months. When he finally fell asleep last night, I had to pick them all up off the bed and put them away. He also got some cool outdoor games that we will have to play when it dries up a bit.

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