Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mouse Ears

My kindergardener needs a set of mouse ears ( think Minnie) to wear to school tomorrow and, of course, there are none to be found in Memphis. My only
"go to " person for Disney stuff is , of all places, at Disney World. ( Their dog is here with us while they are yucking it up with Cinderella and Goofy) .

I even called the Disney STORE and they said that they only keep them at Halloween. Wasn't that just a month ago? Anyway, when there is a need, good Mama's get out the glue gun and "git to gittin".

Here's dear "Mary" modeling the finished ears before the actual recipient got home from school. Mary was born back when Cabbage Patch dolls were a big thing...the first time. I think I was in junior high - maybe 7th grade. I have been wagging her around for 30 years. Time flies.
Now Mary does her thing in style - she even has her very own rainbow clown wig. She doesn't get to wear makeup because, well, we would never get it off and besides, babies just make a mess out of makeup.

Here is the actual ear owner, trying them on while freezing to death ( she said).

Of course, we will never miss an opportunity to show out...... just a little. He hehehehehe.

Anyway, Mouse ears accomplished and approved. Now on to "Christmas Clown "costumes for the Christmas Parade on Saturday. HoHoHo!

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Betty said...

She's adorable in her mouse ears and I love the way she is posing for the camera!