Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Santa did indeed take heed of the notes left on top of the Christmas boxes we decorated last night.
Each kid wrote their letters to Santa and drew pictures and taped them to the top of the big plastic storage boxes we saved from last year. That way, Santa was sure to know what each one wanted and WHERE to put the goods. We wouldn't want any mixing of the merchandise, now.

New sets of wheels waiting to go for a spin. The new bikes came with the condition that the old ones be given to an inner city church which supplies bikes to an after school program.
The first out of the bed...... was the girl of course, but by the time she had alerted everyone, the boy made it over the gate ahead of her.
Here's the sleepy-headed, but smiling little ballerina.

Hanna Montana was a prominent part of the contents of the girlie's box. That is not a long-hair chihuahua puppy that you think you see. It was not a Christmas gift from Santa. It is not there. I photoshopped it in. Just a figment of your imagination. Disregard it.

Overall, it was a satisfying Christmas for all. And we are CRAZY for the Wii! We have golfed, bowled and played baseball already this am. Right now I am hearing "Slow Ride" from the Guitar Hero game for the eleventy-dozenth time this morning.
Now I have to open the bakery back up and get to making stuff for the trip tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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