Wednesday, December 31, 2008

They're HOME!

The family made it home safe and sound yesterday. They were as excited as a pack of hungry puppies when I got home after work. I had to hear all about what they did with the cousins and about how much fun they had. They were pretty tired after dinner, so both got a nice shower and put on their jammies and went to bed by 9. I sat up doing an online CE couse for a couple of hours, then headed off to bed to read some more of the Edgar Sawtell book. I don't know what time I finally turned out the light.

Anyway, it is off to work for me today until noon, then back home to finish putting away all the Christmas Decorations. I would imagine that we will have some rousing Wii competition this afternoon and I am going to try and sort out the freezer a bit so I can know what to buy at the grocery.

My fish tank looks crystal clear today.......the fish are OLD, but they still look pretty when the water is clear. How can it look so murky one day , then be clear the next without anything being done to it? Guess it is one of the mysteries I'll never figure out.


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