Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Night....Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Man, I am pooped. I just got a couple of BIG loaves of banana bread out of the oven, and I made the "refrigerator fruitcake" earlier this evening. That fruit cake was fun to make because the kids like to help measure and pour stuff in the bowl. If it turns out, I'll post the recipe.

Tomorrow night I am making rum cake, and maybe some Peppermint patty brownies if time allows. I have to sort of plan this out so the stuff will keep until the kids and dad get to the other end of the state on Friday. I will be here babysitting dogs and working. And spending some quality time with my remote. And going to see Marley and Me. And reading my new book. And not cooking. Or doing laundry ( except my own.) I'll be bored silly.

The family spent the day at home today while I was at work. In fact, all three of them stayed in their pajamas all day. Buncha bums, I say. I'd have been right here with 'em making the same fashion statement had I not had to go to work!

More fun and games tomorrow! Good night!

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Betty said...

I'm sorry you have to stay home and go to work; although, it sounds as though you may be able to enjoy some of your time without family...know you will miss them terribly!

Merry, merry.