Sunday, December 14, 2008

If I had only had THESE shoes!

I could have had the highest score of the night!
We went bowling last night in lieu of a formal Christmas party at work.....we had a great time.
I can hardly move this morning and I think my right arm is about two inches longer than the left. It was really a cool outing because the alley wasn't busy, we were able to take the kids, and it was all really relaxed.
Most importantly, I discovered that bowling shoes would make excellent clown shoes. I may have to browse ebay for a pair and embellish them like the ones here. Wonder what kind of paint you use on leather? Hmmmmmm.......
I'll put up actual pictures of the festivities when I get some. I didn't take a purse, hence didn't take the cameras, but others did, so they WILL send pictures, someday!


Betty said...

Could you find two pairs of shoes like that? I'd love a pair, also!

Lisa said...

I am sure going to try and find some to practice on, and if I can get it right, I will make us all a pair, or at least post how to do it. I already looked on ebay today for a pair of plain shoes, but may have to do-over some colored ones.