Thursday, December 11, 2008

We finally finished putting our tree together and I think it looks pretty good. I know, the stand is showing, but I can't put a skirt around it because the ding-dang dogs won't leave it there. I put it around the bottom, and next thing ya know I am chasing it around the backyard. That one of the negatives of having a doggy door. The other two are that they can go out and bark whenever they want and they can go out and get wet and nasty, then come in and make a big mess. Eighty times a day.

Today I think I am going to try and STAY HOME, at least until time to haul over to dance class. The girl has an extra class today, so I may do the grocery run while she is tapping her toes.

My big dumb poodle went out and got in the mud last night so she will need a bath today. I might just bathe them all.

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