Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bowling night, aka the Christmas Party

Here we are playing Dirty Santa. The treachery and mean-spirited stealing just didn't bloom this year as it has in the past. It was really a fairly tame little exercise. Cool stuff though. We got a helicopter ( watch out for the ceiling fans) and a Sonic gift card.

Veronica and Archie came straight to the bowling alley from their ZOOM appointments. Not really - that is a popular teeth whitening procedure. Their smiles just looked especially white in this particular picture.

Here's Cindy ( brunette) and Lucy ( blonde with dark roots). Hey, what's with the gang symbols? Oh, and I have dark roots too...just so ya know I ain't dissin' ya, Luau ( or whatever your name is)

Archie was such a good bowler, we decided that he needed a handicap. You know how they put a boot on your car sometimes? Well...a kid on your ankle does the same thing.
We had a great time on our outing. We bowled, we did the very clean Dirty Santa, went to Red Robin, then went home. I am thinking we need to go bowling more often. When they start making 8 days in a week, I might join a league. Maybe then someone will show me how to make the ball roll instead of just skid down the lane.
( Helpful hint: bowl with little kids on your team so you get to use the inflates your score and covers up for your ineptitude .)

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Betty said...

What a fun time you had! Love the 'boot' kid!